The Perfect Rabbit 🐇

Hey y’all,

I got a new rabbit this week! He was a Flemish Giant, and could have gotten to be 20 pounds. He was an albino, and had solid white fur and red eyes. I said, “was” becuse he he died the same week I got him.  His name was Gully.

The lady I got Gully from knew how sad I was, and told my dad she would give me his brother. I was reading the Divergent series when I got him. He remindes me of the character,  “Four”, so that is what I  named him! Four is gray with a short brown stripe on his backside.   He has REALLY long ears that he grooms with his feet.  He loves too cuddle and put his nose on mine.

I would like too get a female Flemish Giant, so I can start a start a show rabbit  business. I plan on naming her either Beatrice or Tris. I won’t make up my mind until I meet her and see what name fits her best.


 Thank you for reading my blog! Please follow along to catch more adventures from the farm! -Ajhorsegal


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